Dummy’s Guide to a good sex-life

There is no Dummy’s Guide to a good sex-life; we pretty much need to write our own. To write your own guide requires a lot of effort and a load of BOLLOX, but is the kind of hard work that brings just rewards.

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You need to do things that scare you, regularly, because that will give you an energy that will allow you to subtract things from your life that don’t allow you to add up. You need to reward yourself, like really spoil yourself, with life’s great luxuries. Begin a wonderful journey, Tell yourself your ok, tell yourself your good, actually tell yourself your wonderful! And that will open a door that will connect your heart to your soul that will connect your heart to your brain and then everything is CONNECTED. Find the right way for you and three years later decide you want to live a different way. You write the script, you get to make the choices, and you get to change your mind, too.

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Seeds feed awhile on ground, then lift up into the sun. So you should taste the filtered light and work your way toward wisdom with no personal covering. That’s how you came here, like a star without a name. Move across the night sky with those anonymous lights.#

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a dummys guide to great sex

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