HaPenis In Isolation Exhibition 22/06/2020

I got the idea for having the exhibition HaPenis In Isolation while watching my favourite film, Un Chant D’Amour during the lockdown here in London. I was thinking that what the whole world needs right now is some Joy and HaPenis to come from the Isolation that many of us would having being feeling. A huge hug for all the artists that have contributed their work. All the art belongs to the artists.

U Stefan – Self Love During Isolation ? Isolation Penis By  Italiaman ? Joe Hammond (Mostly) Nature ? Chris Butler’s Life Force ? Rob – Lots of Hugs ? Mr. Machopeludo ? Jean Genet – Un Chant D’Amour ? Unknown, Ilya Kisaradov ? A Little Ditty from Kevin ? ROGER’S SUBMISSION ? I call it ‘Masturbation’ by Paul ? Stay Safe By Kev ? Letting the Sun In Bi aNon ? Pete’s oil paintings done during lock down ? René Magritte: Lovers in Separation ? La Sentenza : Cops and thRobbers ? Tony Maleasart ? George T ? Arse-ist ? Face #1 By Lorenzo Belenguer / Marko’s Vogue ? Tom’s Beauty ? Once Upon A Summer Solstice / By Kevin E. Porter ? Steve’s Lockdown Song ? Next Exhibition : The Art of HaPenis : 22/08/20

14 thoughts on “HaPenis In Isolation Exhibition 22/06/2020

  1. Thanks Seb, the male body is truly beautiful.

    Some beautiful penises on display, thanks for sharing

  2. Seb – thanks so much for doing this – for giving us all a chance to show something constructive during the lockdown. I loved the Genet film, your Are-ist, and the Malebody photo manipulation. This was a great idea, a breath of fresh air.

  3. Hi Pete

    Your oil paintings are beautiful!
    Any chance to get in touch with you to purchase any of them?



  4. If you are leaving a message for another one of the artists could you mention his name, as the replies apply to the entire exhibition

  5. Love these pics, I would love to photograph you myself (even socially distanced!)

    1. My message was for Mr Machopeludo, if you’re interested in a collaboration I’d love to photograph you (I’m an amateur photograph but I am an art director)

  6. at the moment only the artists who have submitted work can see this part of the website. Please fell free to leave a message for the other artists

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