Dick’s Massage Exchange

love to have balls gently massaged then ballsack pulled between legs so penis is pointing down then at the same time raising the penis so the foreskin is fully retracted & the glans is massaged

I love to play with myself and can enjoy intense orgasms without ejaculation. I would love to exchange penis and full body massages with other men. Being blindfolded and flow to another world when being caressed. Rising from one climax to another. Load breathing and moaning. Taking breaks. Lost in space and time. Full love and bliss. Source

My dick is long and thick. The head is covered with a foreskin which has a very generous overhang. In terms of massage, it is important to work with the foreskin before exposing the dickhead. Edging is fantastic and sends me wild. Source

Magick Awakening…

So how do you like your dick massage exchange?

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