completely natural

To begin with, you are not entirely correct in stating that “natural” is “as nature intended

 “Natural” is in fact “anything that occurs in the natural world.” Homosexual relationships, and sex, are therefore entirely natural. You can try to dispute this if you wish, but my point has much more merit than yours, and furthermore… Humans are not the only species to exhibit homosexual behavior. It has been proven that there are homosexual antelopes, boars, bulls, cows, chimpanzees, ducks, cats, dogs, fruit flies, geese, gorillas, gulls, horses, langurs, rams, sheep, macaques, monkeys, turtles, and vervets, just to name some.

I think that what I have said so far should prove to anyone with a rational mind that homosexuality is completely natural. All that leaves, then, is to correct your misinformed idea of the word “homophobia.” Homo, in the english language, means something like “one and the same.” Therefore homosexual implies attraction to the same sex.[i] homophobia is a combination of phobia, “fear of,” and a shortened version of “homosexual.” It all makes perfect sense, again, to a rational mind.

If you need any further proof that the word “homophobia” makes sense, here’s another point; “Homo” is a prefix, while both “sexual” and “phobia” are suffixes. A prefix and two suffixes would not do well together, hence the shortening to “homosexual.” One prefix and one suffix, naturally Judecca A.Gunner

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  1. I have the understanding that “natural” incurs offspring. “Unnatural” does not. All things are possible under the sun.

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