Hi, I am 63 I was feeling depressed

Hi, I am 63 I was feeling depressed could not sleep irritable new young boss in your face making a name off work 3 months. Was not getting hard in morning, dick shrunk, went to see urologist will send letter to Dr refer to endocrinologist, check bloods prostate testosterone level 6.9 should be between 10-28 on patches no good on injections depression gone erections better. was suicidal without the tablets. so lack of testosterone can lead to depression. George

According to a recent study that was published July 1, 2016, in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, low testosterone levels increases a man’s risk of suffering depression, The findings were published online in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The study found that men who were referred to a specialist due to low testosterone levels had much higher rates of depression than the general population. More than half of men seeing a doctor showed depressive symptoms and were already taking antidepressants.

Researchers also found low testosterone levels can also cause mood swings, loss of muscle mass and the redistribution of fat – which can cause men to develop large bellies or ‘man boobs’.

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