Helping a Brother Out

A writer for Slate Maggazine, Kyle Mustain, conducted a study of nearly 87,000 Bateworld users. He wanted to understand the site’s self-proclaimed straight men who enjoy masturbating with other guys. He used the website’s user-created polling questionnaires to ask, ‘Is mutual masturbation gay?’ And to his surprise, he found 82% of 565 respondents said mutual masturbation isn’t gay.

Mustain references the sociologist Jane Ward’s book Not Gay: Sex Between Men in his article. Ward says straight white men get drunk and stoned, watch heterosexual porn, and they talk about “pussy,”‘ Mustain concludes: ‘What I have also found on BateWorld is that these lines between “just fucking around” and “kinda gay” and “OK, that’s really gay” are indeed superficial and imaginary.’

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“Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men.”

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