gay identified bisexual man

I am a gay identified bisexual man in a loving sexual relationship with my best friend. A statuesque (6ft) beautiful sexy woman of 40. I enjoy giving her the greatest sexual pleasures of her life and feel that my experiences with men have in fact helped me become a man, as you indicate. Again Fascinating & Intriguing ! Bye for now. Loving Regards to you, Jim […]

69 Rituals 4 Couples

the 69 Ritual 4 Couples. It is wonderful to experience mutual and simultaneous oral sex. Sex essentially is about being pleasured while pleasuring and 69 is the perfect example of that. If one of you has to be on top in the 69 position, it should always be the woman so that she can control the speed, depth and angle that is best for her when […]

a good friend ?

Hi Seb, I used to contact you some years ago and thought maybe you had dissapeared off the scene. I have a problem which is there used to be a guy living next door to me with his girlfriend (they are not English) and the guy has always been friendly and helped me out loads of times with problems etc with my computer and all sorts […]