May your Rosebud Be Blessed. May you realize that your rosebud is a faithful and beautiful friend of your soul

May you be happy and joyful and recognize that your arse is sacred, holding many secrets to the pleasure of life. May you realize that having external anal massage enables you to celebrate the universe and the mystery and possibilities in your presence here.

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Thursday, Oct 31, 2019, 3:30 PM

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5 thoughts on “BUTT DO?

  1. Seb, I have noticed that the “Words of wisdom” section has been removed. My last post was quite dark and introspective (New years eve, 1979)…..I had a few issues I needed to put out there. If I crossed a line..please tell me. This site is a place of comfort and openness. I just wanted to mention it, as it’s been on my mind for a few days. Sincerely, Lester B. USA.

    1. hello lester, no not at all, if you had it wouldn’t have been published. I welcome your comments they are indeed words of wisdom. It is the raison d’etre of this site that sections cumm and go, and cumm back. A BIG HUG FROM LONDON

      1. Thank you Seb! And a BIG hug goes out to you! If I ever get to England, I’ll look you up…with advance notice of course!! Take care of you, and the ones you love. Lester B.

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