when i’m 64

Dear Seb, One of these days I’m going to come over and see you and thank you in person. it is so good to feel that all my abundant and constant sexuality is endorsed by a specialist like yourself. I spend a couple hours everyday, in sexual activity and am still learning.

I am the proud owner of a new and already much used and loved “enemagura”. Anal orgasms are becoming more and more regular and spectacular. I use poppers as well but find that I’m not near as exhausted from a good arse-self-fucking-orgasm as I am from Jerking -off. I have a sawhorse vice in the basement and with different size and shape of weapons I can self fuck there for a few orgasms then later in the day I insert my enemagura and do a relaxed fuck on the bed. Now I sometimes don’t even need to wank for a couple days, and when I do WOW. but what is so amazing is that after a good arse session its not too long before I want, need, and then do another. your site has stimulated me in a lot of ways to better and more sex.

I turn 64 next month and it just keeps getting better. Thanks again Seb Je~ff

Pricasso is an outlandish 64-year-old Australian man who makes a living through painting… with his penis It’s like finger painting, except with his man parts and the occasional butt cheek. Watch him paint a portrait in 12 minutes flat.

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  5. As a man of 65 years of age, I love masturbating. I like to edge of a period of some hours before cumming.

  6. Seb: I am 85 and will be 86 in February. Have wanked my cock since I was young — have never stopped. For the past 20 years, I do lots, I mean lots, of edging, with petit morts and inejacualtion,followed up with mind blowiing orgams at least three or four times a week and sweet ejaculations. i ingest my ejaculate, My. orgasms seem to get better each time.

    I have stoney erections and use a finger or two to massage my prostate one had tio massage my prostate — often to orgasm.

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