a big dick

My wife came to work with me one day and found one of my employees very attractive, handsome. I had to agree he was handsome and 6’5. She said right in front of him, I bet he has a big dick! This turned me on so much.

One night he came over and we were just socializing. At the conclusion of the night my wife invited him to sleep over, in our bed. He agreed. We went into the bedroom where he and I got into the bed. He was facing me when my wife undressed and smiled at me. He could not see her as he was facing me. I was hard as a rock. She then put on this long night gown and got into bed between us. I asked are we going to have sex. she said sure. I said well? pointing to her night gown. she sat up and removed it. IT was so hot. She is a hot woman with strong blue eyes, black hair, and a beautiful face. We both began sucking on her tits and she immediately let out a moan like she was waiting for this her whole life. I got on top of her and ran my hand down my friends leg.  He still had his underwear on. I commented on it so he removed them. I began to fuck my wife and stoked his long hard cock. My wife kept whispering to me to suck his cock. I asked if it would be OK. He said sure. I took that large hard cock in my hands, placed it in my mouth and began one of the greatest times of my life. I did not want to stop.


My wife stopped me however as she wanted to suck on it some. We both shared the rod. It was great. We fucked and switched and did all sorts of positions all night. My wife had the shit fucked out of  her, sucked both our cocks all night bit I was the one to get the cum in my mouth. I sucked him while she was making out with him. I heard her say to him wow, he must be pretty good referring to my cock sucking. He replied yes and shot a load right then. I felt this gooey glob bit kept on sucking and swallowing. I did not stop even after he came. Later my wife asked him how he could go so long without cumming. He said, I already did. she said when. He said in his mouth. She freaked that I did this. she loved it but could not believe i did it without saying anything. We did it with him a few more times where I could not wait to suck his cock again. I still wack off thinking of his cock. I tell my wife how much I loved it and she and I get real horny and fuck our brains out. I love seeing her fuck and suck and she fucks me into oblivion. I just need another cock to suck as we never see this guy any more. Anon

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