It’s important to remember that the top photo (and some of the others displayed on this page) were illegal at the time they were taken. Photographers were always in on the action, and took real risks. Obscenity laws of the past put anyone with a copy of such a picture in potential serious trouble with the law. We’re lucky today to have the freedom of HaPenis. As for the old photo itself, the young man seated in the chair is most impressive, including his perfectly parted hair! His partner seems a bit more androgynous. Do I see a boob in there? Definitely rolled stockings, eyelashes, and a feminine tummy. So was this cocksucker a daring bobbed-haired flapper, or a bloke of delicate features who liked to wear rolled stockings? It doesn’t matter as long as they, and the photographer all had fun.


The whole idea of Homosexuality as a separate category is quite modern. This documentary from the 1980s explains what it was like in the 1930s before anyone even heard the term Homosexual. The distinction of straight and gay are a manufactured concept. It’s always been more fluid – as are we. Let’s get back to those days.