Hi Seb, First may i say i love your site it is inspirational. I am an artist who sees drawing the male form as an act of devotion. A pornacopia of sex ritual spirituality brotherhood. I have sent you some of my drawings for you to enjoy and if you wish use on your site. I have quite a few should you be interested let me know. Hope you enjoy, George

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4 thoughts on “A Pornacopia

  1. Art of this kind is one of my favourite forms, that here it is of the male form is exquisitely erotic, and arousing!

  2. Love loose style of the pencil/charcoal sketches. You are very talented. Well done!

    1. Thank you. In that case i would like to draw you, even from a photo, it inculcates feelings of communion, brotherhood and eroticism in both sitter and artist. I try to draw the ‘inner god’ in my drawings. Let me know what you think. G

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