Wow!… well… I do enjoy my penis massaged particularly more than anything else, I love when someone can rub it gently for hours… I think for me the most pleasurable thing is having my penis touched by someone else, but only touched softly, as I have a very high sensitivity and having it touched too strongly actually can even hurt, I love tender, soft, slow paced massaging of my genitals, which I could get for hours… the sensation sends shivers all over my body, in a way that relaxes me and puts my mind in heaven… Most times I’m not even interested in it as a form of sex, but just as a form if experiencing that soft relaxing chilling sensation that fills my whole body from the touching or slow caressing and massaging of my genital area, as I explained, it is not a sexual act for me, it is a fulfilling state of mind that relaxes so much, that I avoid it from becoming a sexual thing…


Joe LaManna by Champion Studio

softly and delicately. if its handled too roughly I can ejaculate to quickly or the the head becomes too sensitive that it feels unpleasant and uncomfortable. also like the scrotum testicles and perineal massaged. if I can Include the anus as part of genitalia (its more sensitive than my penis) I do enjoy that massaged too. I’m not talking about penetration but light touch massage.


Many ways leading to heaven. Starting with a soft touching of the scrotum , working then up the shaft , hardly touching the skin . Then with a tongue repeating the same movements , ending by taking the top of the shaft swiftly in the warm and wet mouth . The senses are prepared now so a soft but firm oil massage of the shaft starts . Special attention and short subtle movements around the glans . Long firm strokes along the shaft with not too much oil pushes the blood up to the gland . Ending by drawing soft en slow circles around the front of the gland . If the sperm is about to come a few soft touches of the scrotum will give an even bigger pleasure .


Slowly, gently, tenderly, attentively. I like it when it’s like a meditation for both parties, like a shared hypnotic trance. Be mindful of its wholeness, all the way down to its deep root. Connect the lingam massage energy to the rest of the body, through spreading strokes, pausing at allied sites: The belly, the heart, the hairy parts, the sensitive infolds of the armpit and groin. Sensual, deeply relaxing, recharging.

3 thoughts on “Hypnotic Trance

  1. I would love to massage and suck your cock for hours and casually lick and caress your scrotum and anus, work it to a lather until the ultimate orgasm which needs lots of clean-up.

  2. Yep ,, I agree with the massaging of genitals , it’s not a gay thing , sexual or otherwise . It’s a mind set of relaxation and cerebral intensity , that every man should try to understand and focus on without being hung up on an erection being the out come , if that happens it’s ok but not to make it a sexual event ! A man body is always in need of a distressing relaxation event , and another man is usually the best person to give it . Being that he has the same equipment and understands the places that are in need or lacking the proper attention !

  3. I like an experience where the focus is on the scrotum and the aim is not necessarily an erection. I like the whole area being stimulated in a teasing way.

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