I’m a bit of an amateur sociologist, I like to study different cultures that I might interact with, and this hobby doesn’t stop when I am getting a random blowjob at a park, glory hole, video booth, or app hookup. Part of what still gets my jaded-self off, is watching the service provider selflessly throat, fist, and slurp on my cock and balls with a desirous hunger and greed. I am deeply aroused by someone who has a craving for cock and/or cum, and anticipate with wonder if this guy will swallow, spit, take a facial, or completely avoid the cum geyser he is causing. I politely give a 6 second warning so they can be prepared and I would say that 70% of men swallow all of my cum and keep sucking. Another 20% take my load in their mouth and spit it out, and 10% pull off with maybe only 3% of those asking me to cum on their face (and those who want the facial always have beards).

I usually give an exit interview as I am wiping spit and cum remnants off of my spent dick, and I will ask;

“Did you like that load?”

“Was it sweet?” (I know the answer, I eat my own often)

“Do you suck cock to get the load, or do you suck cock because you like to suck cock?”

And with the last question, I find that all men stop and pause because no one ever asks that question and they have to think about their motivation, and about 75% say that they do it for the cum. They like eating cum, they enjoy the feeling of it shooting on their mouth and get a rush as they savor and swallow it. The other 25 say something to the affect that they like making a man feel good, or they like being used by a man, or they like feeling a hard cock pounding their mouth and head – these men enjoy the power it gives them to make a man cum. People are fascinating and I am thankful for these men, whatever their motivations are.

Thank you for sharing this. I have often wondered why some men enjoy sucking. This helps. Maybe it can’t be explained. I liked to invite others to share what is about sucking the before, during & after that they like. Also regarding the cum, yes / no in the mouth, like the taste, swallow or spit? Does size matter.


10 thoughts on “Amateur Sociologists

  1. Mmm, hot read. I myself love sucking a nice, hard cock. I do enjoy swallowing his hot load, feeling his cock reacting in my mouth as he does. But I’ve sucked guys who never came but got really hard and I enjoyed it. I’ve even sucked guys who never got hard yet came big loads in my mouth. It was all very pleasurable

  2. I enjoy it all. The anticipation and reveal as a man takes it out. The musky odor. Licking the shaft and balls. Having it in my mouth and down my throat. Responding to his wants and needs, and adjusting my service for his pleasure. When he cums, I see it as my reward for a job well done. I’ll take it however he wants to give it — right down my throat while he holds my head tight against his crotch, into my open mouth so I can savor the taste, or all over my face and beard where I can wear it and enjoy the scent as it drips down.

  3. Yup cum is half the point, regardless of taste I like it in the mouth and swallow, usually the taste is not an issue. Sort of seems disrespectful to spit it, surely you should just go for a facial?
    The other half is having the cock in my mouth, exploring it and how it feels, getting lost mentally on that cock with stimulating my own or favourite is 69….. the received sensations and oral sensations giving becoming mind blowingly one!
    I can just savour a cock close up with my eyes too……. I love penis

    1. Who are the two hot silver daddies featured in sociology? One has white hair and beautiful cock and one has a huge upward turning cock! Do they have any videos? I’d love to see them in action!!

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