amuse me with your touch

You amuse me with your touch

although I can’t see your hands.

You have kissed me with tenderness

although I haven’t seen your lips

You are hidden from me.

But it is you who keeps me alive

Perhaps the time will come

when you will tire of kisses

I shall be happy

even for insults from you

I only ask that you

keep some attention on me.


The photo at the top of the page, is from the vigeland sculpture park, Oslo Norway. How beautiful

2 thoughts on “amuse me with your touch

  1. W0W……what a sexy, hung fucker Mitch is….
    ……..who is he?

    …..and how would a person hypothetically get in contact with him regarding information on cost to hire him for some private naturist photo/video modelling work, as I beiieve some male NUDE models do private work……

    …….and Mitch would DEFFO be worth paying a good price – I’d even pay double the going rate+pay expenses/flights/accom etc LoL [letting him stay at a large, private home with indoor pool/cinema+with grounds feat.woodland around edges secluding outbuilding/pool/lawns from view, so enabling me to uncover the signposts on random spots of outside area’s of property {from spring-early autumn yearly} to have a strict dress-code of ‘footwear only’ with beach-style changing-cabanna’s behind post, which reads ‘PLEASE NOTE – all outdoor area’s of grounds are strictly ‘footwear-only’/’male-guests-only’ so please will any men wishing to explore grounds further first go into changing-area behind this sign+remove all clothing {except sox/shoes}+ lock safely in one of the lockers provided…please also find free towels/sun-lotion/moisturisers/beach-shelters/camping-stools etc to use…. ]

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