Arturo “Thunder” Gatti was an Italian-born Canadian professional boxer. Born in Cassino, Italy and raised in Montreal, Quebec,

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  1. As a near 70 year old man who enjoyed showering at gyms, YMCA residences, and NYC baths in the 70s until AIDS closed them down in the 80s, I just returned to our local Y to get in better shape. I still love exposing my naked self and my meaty penis among other naked men. I’ve never been shy, but I confess it’s been two decades since I’ve been in a YMCA. The wonderful open shower room is now a series of metal-separated individual stalls with heavy, black vinyl shower curtains.

    Younger guys don’t strip naked and walk around with towels slung over their shoulders anymore. In fact they were dressed in layered, trendy workouts clothes, even in the sauna. Due to Covid, the steam room and sauna had occupancy for two men at a time, according to signs on the wall outside. I stripped naked with only my towel, and took one of the shower stalls, leaving the curtain wide open right across from the door of the sauna. I could see more than two guys inside. I plumped up my cock and without drying off, headed into the sauna.

    There were already three guys inside: a pumped, beefy, tall African American guy in his mid-twenties, fully dressed, an elderly, portly white guy with one towel around his waist, and a second over his shoulders, a third Latino Daddy type in a red nylon swimsuit. I started to back out, saying “I didn’t know there were already three of you here. I’ll come back when there’s room”. The young guy said something to the effect that they weren’t enforcing the two-man rule anymore. The old guy got up and left.

    I went to sit down, folding my towel to sit on. The kid was looking out the window on the door with his back to us. The Latino Dad glanced over in my direction. We were no more than four feet apart. He was a beautiful color-‘tea with milk’ they call it in Caribbean Spanish. His chest was perfectly smooth, with big dark brown nipples. He had a bit of a paunch, and hairy legs and armpits. I couldn’t help but stare at his crotch as the wet nylon clung to him, and the sweat poured down his smooth chest. At almost the same moment as my eyes searched his crotch, he opened his knees to improve my view. He looked directly at my nicely thickened penis. I asked quietly, “Are we not supposed to be naked in the sauna?” He gave me a half-smile, looking directly into my eyes and said with a slight accent, “You can be naked anywhere here in the locker room”. I smiled. He slid his left hand down to his swimsuit and arranged the lump inside, that looked substantial.

    The heat was a bit too intense. The young guy pushed the door open and walked to a shower just a few feet away. He pulled the curtain shut before he turned on the water. It was now only me and the sexy Latino. Now that we were alone, he looked directly at my cock, which I had cupped gently with my right hand, and carefully, almost invisibly, stroked my very drooping ball sack. My balls are heavy and especially so when heated up. They were hanging low onto the wooded bench seat. I scooted forward just a bit and let them drop over the bench edge. He stared at them, and quickly moved to stand. He said something about cold shower and in seconds was out the door.

    He took a shower stall still visible from where I was sitting, opened the curtain wide and pulled down his trunks in an instant, mooning me as he stepped out of them. For the longest time he stood directly under the shower head, drenching his chest and crotch. I hoped he was just teasing, and would soon turn around so I could see his manhood. He looked delicious through the glass. I was getting so excited, I hoped I wouldn’t get a raging rod. I didn’t want to freak him out, or get thrown out of the Y on my first day. Also, we live in a small city, where everybody knows somebody who knows you. My husband and I play, but only together. This was too much temptation for two o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon.

    He turned off the water, still with his back to me. Was he consciously tempting me? Playing a sexy naked hide and seek? My heart was pounding, I was overheated, and now so apprehensive that my cock was shrinking, and looking down at it, I wondered if I could even get hard if he came back into the sauna. And then, he reached for his trunks and turned around. I held my breath as he wrung the swimsuit out. He turned to face the sauna door. He walked in, with one of the thickest, darkest, uncut beauties I’ve ever seen. Without exaggeration it was easily 7 plus inches long, with a meaty foreskin that not only covered the head completely, but came to a point at the center which drooped at least a half an inch beyond his piss-slit. He laid his damp swimsuit on the bench where he’d been sitting, and stared at my cock to gauge my reaction. I couldn’t take my eyes off his handsome cock. I don’t know when I wanted to suck on a more delicious looking penis specimen. His face gave away no secrets, but I sensed he knew how impressed I was with his incredible piece of manhood, and without saying a word, his pride in showing it off to me was palpable. He made no effort to cover it up, nor did he give me any sign that he wanted to play. He looked at my cock, which still hadn’t returned to its plump best. I was tempted to start gently stroking for him. But neither of us moved. Nor did either of us initiate the slightest bit of play.

    I began oozing pre-cum, something that has begun to happen since I have been practicing edging during the pandemic. A huge glob was hanging from my piss-slit, and without thinking, I scooped up the pearly treasures, and smeared it on my horny tongue. When I realized what I had just done in front of my horse-dicked prince, I looked directly into his eyes, and he answered me with the tiniest bit of a smile. A dirty smile.

    I want to taste you, he told me without words.

    And I want to suck that amazing fat cock of yours I returned silently back. And drain that thick meaty hose until you scream for me to stop.

    I was frightened by my situation, not three hours into my first day at the Y. My heart was pounding in rhythm with my prostate deep inside my ass. Gawd, this intense feeling for a stranger by an old man like me with a man I never knew existed fifteen minutes ago.

    I will be back in two days, around the same time. But quickly I am thinking, maybe I should reach over, and at least stroke him a minute or two…just to see how much bigger that beautiful cock can grow. Or if he really does want more than just showing off cocks with me.

    What if see him again somewhere in town with my husband? This is already too risky. I’m already feeling guilty and all we’ve done is expose our cocks to one another. Like little kids in the vacant lot. Little kids playing in the woods and daring each other….”No. You go first.” “No you”.

    It was only seconds that I carried on these dialogues with myself. He got up, wrung out his swimsuit again, and pushed the sauna door open. He walked past the showers. Maybe he was going for some water. Maybe to take a piss. I waited. Counted to sixty. Then sixty again. Nothing. I sat another minute or two more. Silence. I looked down at my cock. Still soft, but oozing more pre.

    Friday at 2:00. I’ll be there again. Maybe, he will too.

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