yağlı güreş

No matter how repressed a country or culture is, men will always all find a loophole or a free pass that allows them to stick their hand down another man’s pants. Ben Oil […]

How Do Gay Blokes Have Sex?

I guess it’s easy to lose perspective once you’ve mastered how to take cock. Here I am, having frequent fantasies about double penetration, taking two cocks up that hole at the same time. […]


Hugging is a great way to gauge the mood of another man. You first embrace him, one arm over his shoulder, and one under his arm. This will force him to do the […]

Sexually Healing

I’ve recently engaged in sexual healing myself. For some time I’ve been talking to this man online. 47 years old, married to a woman. A woman who doesn’t love him, lives off of […]

Floozie in the Jacuzzi

What is the male equivalent to the word “floozie”? There is no male equivalent of a ”floozy”. Men have it encoded in their minds to fuck as much as possible, and to spread […]

Göra Laddad

What does Göra laddad mean in Swedish? As a Swede I can answer this. ”Ladda” is a verb, and means to ”load” or charge something. ”Göra” simply means ”do” or ”make”. So, ”göra […]

Not Into Edging

I’m not into edging because when the actual orgasm happens it’s a total anticlimax, and sometimes I almost feel nothing. Only cum spurts out, but with no feeling of intensified pleasure at all. […]

Poor Teddy

I reacted to the image of the two teddybears. Years ago I made this image for a DeviantArt.com challenge themed ”toys for adults”. Most other artists made intricate dildo designs and images themed […]

My God

Mouths meet, chests touch, bellies touch, cocks touch. The sweet fires that rise within us become one, and engulfs us in a red hot swirling column.Every fibre in our bodies want to merge. […]

The Cultural Connotations

What do straight men mean when they say I’m straight but that was the best sex of my life, and hope to see me again. Bill Men who identify as str8 despite having […]

Respect & Worship

Masculinity appears toxic to anyone who cannot embody it. It’s certainly not an inclusive ideal. And these days where inclusiveness is a mantra, and where everyone gets a medal just by showing up, […]

Naked Therapy

The fear of naked men and depicted full frontal male nudity is a construct created, and perpetuated by men. Men with big personality, small cocks, and small minds. They fear other men with […]