We are a verbal species, and so we can’t escape labels. We need them to communicate. To call for their abolishment is to go down a very dangerous path, where communication is greatly hampered. This is exactly what the ”woke” ”SJW” agenda is all about. They’ve now created a verbal minefield that’s almost impossible to navigate, all so that tiny minorities of snowflakes won’t feel excluded, misunderstood, misrepresented, underrepresented, disrespected, harrassed, TRIGGERED, etc. All over social media they plaster their preferred pronouns (one for each day of the week), and their 3page lists of ”trigger warnings”… and you better fucken sign off on them or be ”cancelled”, shadowbanned, silenced. You will realize that once all those evil labels have been eradicated or split into a thousand different subcategories,, we’ll be more limited than when we had simple descriptives to begin with. Until we’re augmented with telepathy, labels are the best thing we have. To continue my little soapbox diatribe, I for one love the binary. Without it, there can be no contrast between the masculine and the feminine. Everything would just be an androgynous mess. Suddenly there are no men, only ”males”. A Man has a strong sense of gender identity, unwavering. A ”male” is just a person with a cock. That may be insanely attractive to some, but not to me.

Boys and men have been exploring their same-sex attractions for ages. They (we) do so nowadays to an extent that hasn’t been seen since the days of the Ancient Greek, and that’s a good sign. The thing we really need to fix small minded people and their prejudice against those who defy the norms – and trust me we’re not gonna succeed in doing that by simply overturning all the definitions, going ”woke”, and playing the pronoun game, and all that bullshit. We need to learn how to live and let live. Everyone is not cast from the same mold. We need to accept that some people are taking different routes in life – and THEY need to accept that not everyone is gonna bend over backwards for them! They need to get TF over themselves, and stop being perpetually triggered victims, and grow a thicker skin. As such I respectfully decline to relinquish my traditional Manhood, my somewhat excluding sexual prefs, and I refuse to change my pronoun usage. I also reserve the right to give no shits about people’s trigger warnings. *Stepping down from soapbox*


3 thoughts on “*The SoapyBox*

  1. Ben, the sexy as fuck Ben I think you are,
    Yeah…. But. Cumm on mate, They are fine, I really like some really hairy manly FTM with a big clit and a juicy cunt to fuck…… it’s a mind fuck too! We are inclusive and there are loads of straight guys here that we embrace, liking juicy cunts as well as cock.
    My “preference” is ubermasc hairy average guys but they don’t often like me as I am not ‘the same’. I’m not triggered but suggest you hang on to your traditional manhood, the raw masculinity that I lust after, and/but or whatever keep your sexy man-mind open to fucking amazing sex with ‘men’, real men with cocks or maybe a huge clit! The thing is that narrowing categories by telling the 3 letter acronyms and all those woke and triggered peeps (hate them too) to fuck off, just ghettoises you in that ubermasc world that ‘we’ love.
    I think we are both in the same place and I have slipped off my soapbox so I’m going to bend over really slowly and pick up the soap.

    I’m slightly bi? masc hairy and lean, I also love binary, no life without death.

  2. @Theo I agree with you there stop with labeling everyone as this or that but we are all part of the human race, yes we’re all different and act different but do we truly “Need” labels for just everyday life? I’m confused with how many are jumping on the “New Label” bandwagon as to what or how they will identify themselves and I’m just flabbergasted as to how to refer to someone that says they’re Trans or so and I don’t understand how I’m supposed to call that person by name if they have one for each day of the week or month. Is it really needed to have nothing but labels for everything on everyone??? I could use some clarification on this matter entirely here so as to try to understand it better, if anyone has some advice as to how please let me know.
    Thanks all.

  3. I am for erasing all these silly differences many sub groups wants to identify themselves
    As above sai there are males and females , than if each plays his silly «i am ok that different kind» game is his own business after all we all wear different clothes each days ..
    But should be erased the difference between stra8 and gay we all happens to act in totally different ways in some casual random circumstances .. and this random circumstances sometimes create a shock for life !
    we have to accept we sometimes experienced and enjoyed something unusual and stop questioning…
    Personally when i need to come i do not care which mouth gives me a bj , if has lipstick or moustache and have done so for years and slept well after

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