Fucking the Biphobics – Gay And Straight

New studies show bisexuals experience double the types of discrimination as their gay and lesbian peers

Two studies published in the December 2015 issue of the Journal of Bisexuality confirm what bi people have been saying for some time: The discrimination they face within the LGBT community is as real as the discrimination they face outside of it. In the US study, Counseling Psychology Ph.D. student Tangela Roberts and two professors at the University of Massachusetts surveyed 745 bisexual people about their experiences of discrimination in various social contexts. They found that the biphobia their respondents experienced from gay men and lesbians was not equal to, but still disturbingly comparable to, what they experienced from straight people.

discrimination from the lesbian and gay community

“Although the level of discrimination that bisexuals experienced from heterosexuals, when compared to discrimination from the lesbian and gay community, was statistically significantly higher, the effect size reveals that the degree of difference was small,” their study concluded. The survey for the study asked bisexual people to complete an Anti-Bisexual Experiences Scale (ABES), which asked, on a scale from 1 to 6, how frequently certain events have happened to them, such as being told that they were “confused” about their orientation, being “excluded from social networks,” or having it be assumed that they are more likely to cheat because they are bisexual. As the study sadly indicated, these attitudes are common not just among straight people, but among gay men and lesbians as well. The average ABES score reported for experiences with straight people was 2.38. The average for experiences among gay men and lesbians was only slightly lower at 2.29.

Commenting on the study, London Based Cox Philosopher commented, “fuck, the biphobics, both gay and str8, because that’s what they want. That’s the real fucking issue”.

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Perceived experiences of anti-bisexual prejudice: Instrument development and evaluation. American Physiological Society

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  1. Basically we don’t exist, but we’re also every terrible homophobic stereotype, but also ourselves homophobic, and responsible for all the toxic elements of the LGBT community.

    Doesn’t help that, like, I’m a man, prefer women (but I just need to kick back and crank one out with the bros or have a duel with those special swords between our legs sometimes) and don’t fit any of the “rules” of the gay community. (I can name more Batman villains than famous drag queens, for instance. Or I don’t sleep with people I’m not emotionally attached to.)

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