According to research published in Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, there is a strong desire to cuddle and hug between straight young men, while kissing is just another way of showing affection. One of the young men involved in the research told the authors you can ‘lie in bed with your mate, have a cuddle and just talk’, while another said he understood it as having ‘a cuddle buddy’. A third thought cuddling, hugging and sex jokes were a ‘core part’ of a male friendship. This latest research also backs a 2012 study that found 89% of 145 surveyed undergraduate heterosexual men had kissed another man on the lips. One participant said: ‘Guys nowadays, in my generation, there is so much kissing between guys because it’s showing affection.’ Another added: ‘I hug him and kiss and tell him I love him.’ With another participant said: ‘I live in a house with three other guys, and there are massive bromances going on between us. We walk around naked. I got no problems standing naked in a room with my housemates. We feel comfortable being naked around each other.’ The study involved semi-structured interviews into the friendship experiences of 30 undergraduate men who identified as heterosexual or mostly heterosexual. They were enrolled in one of four undergraduate sport-degree programs at a single UK university.

Read more: The Bromance: Undergraduate Male Friendships and the Expansion of Contemporary Homosocial Boundaries

Commenting on the research, London based Cock Philosopher, Mr Cox, said, “these young men are amazing pioneers. Men who are such an example for their father’s generation, their grandfathers generation, and indeed, for each and everyone of their forefathers. These young warriors have the bollocks to be be honest about something that gets to the fucking core, of what it is to be honest, and masculine. I love them, each and everyone of them.

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  1. That’s brilliant research Seb. Love the conclusion …” Results support the view that declining homophobia and its internalization has had significantly positive implications for male expression and intimacy. Conclusions are made about the bromance’s potential to improve men’s mental health and social well-being because participants indicate these relationships provide a space for emotional disclosure and the discussion of potentially traumatic and sensitive issues.”

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