Once upon a time,  a very wise old man designed a special meditation massage that only two people in the hole of the United Kingdom teach. If I told you the massage involved reiki style tapping touch, and EXTERNAL ANAL massage, you would probably think that I was making it up!

BUTT, I am not

The Rosebud External Anal Massage For Relaxation and Pleasure

Sunday, Aug 18, 2019, 5:00 PM

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Calm down for a minute! Just for a moment, I want you to put everything you think about anal pleasure out of your head. We are going to start at the beginning  With a clean sheet. I want you to to have a shower and then go to your bedroom dressed only in a jock-strap. You will keep your cock covered, you will not even touch it. Tonight’s class is about getting in touch with your manhole and the possible pleasures of this wonder. You will begin by relaxing and getting in the mood by using some simple breathing exercises. As you breathe in tighten the muscles in your arse and then relax them as you exhale. I want you to put some effort into this. I want you to fucking squeeze those muscles. I want you to really feel the tension in your arse, and then let it go. I want you to heighten your experience by rubbing your hands all over your manly body. Tell yourself out loud what a beautiful arse you have.

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