Ruff asks, In your belief, can a single gay man preform sex magick properly or does there always need to be a woman as a representation of the goddess?”

In a lot of the so called “sex magick ” knowledge that you can find through google you will be told that a “goddess” most always be present. What they are saying is that sex can only be magick if it involves a woman. That doesn’t make any sense. These people are talking shite. The more learned amongst us will on the other hand argue that it is man who is almighty, and that sex magick is based on that fact. Or as Aleister Crowley put it,”avoiding the contamination(of women). It’s your sex magick, and anyone elses that you choose to share with, or not. You make the rules, and you get to change your mind, whenever, whatever. Do What Thou Wilt. 

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