Is it possible for anyone to have a happy sex life and also to be suffering from depression. If the answer is no, does that mean that a happy sex life could be a cure for depression? I asked this question on facebook and got some amazing answers

  • Happy is also a line that’s in evolution…dissociation can have you fragmented and you can have happy moments and horror moments side by side
  • Yeah, it only means that reality is dark but the Sun also rises, it eventually gets dark again and the cycle repeats.
  • Of course, sex is only temporary and if you are trying to escape depression through sex it might turn into an unhealthy sex life allbe it happy. but maybe it can help you gain comfort and energy to work on other part of your life and fulfillment, a supportive relationship can help i think making each other happy and connecting is healing
  • Maybe not for a woman. Because to have a good sex life we have to let feelings come up, let go of control. Depression represses feelings. I don’t think so. How happy is it really? Depression means repression. What are you repressing? How can you fully let go during sex if you are not letting go in the other hours?
  • Yes it is. There are different types of depression but so far sex and my depression never effected each other unless i’m not gettin’ any
  • Personally when deeply depressed that’s the first thing that goes for me
  • Sex life can cause depression if with wrong person or you not being open / honest with yourself or sexual partner. Also depression can cause sex life to suffer… and as result arguments / stress in relationship.
  • Yes it is possible as your depression roots from one thing and sucks energy while i have great sex?‍♂️ that doesn’t have something to do with the depression.
  • I masturbate frequently as a tool for relieving depression. It works..for a moment.

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  1. I too suffer from depression. I medicate for that depression. Does it affect my drive? Performance? NO! You have to realize that depression is a flaw in chemistry not character.
    When I first started taking my meds it did slow my drive. Alter my erections BUT once my body (and mind) got use to it then there was a shift back to a new but normal drive again. My sessions are more mindful and LONG. The meds can dull sensations but learning this just made it an amazing challenge to get back to stroking that hardness till it released.

    So depression can cause issues. Meds can cause issues. But your penis has never let you down, it’s also been there for you; so it will always be there. Be kind to it and it will reward you. But fix yourself and your mind….the rest will follow.

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