Fucking Hymn

I never really thought of myself as a ‘top’ when I came out. I like being fucked. But most guys I hooked up with wanted me to fuck ’em. I can’t stop thinking […]

*Really* Letting Go!

Open Up To Cock and It Will Open You. There is nothing more intense than *really* letting go and feeling a cock penetrate your hole. But you need to be fully relaxed mentally. […]

(Xperiment 21) Roger Rory

The next time you Roger Rory, Sing Songs of Praise. If your not sure what song to sing, just sing, la, la, la la, la. La, la, as demonstrated in the HaPenis Video, […]

Fucked Bi/ 57

I wasn’t fucked until I was 57. It was something I desperately wanted to accomplish one time. A bucket list item to check off. I also had absolutely no desire to kiss another […]

Gently Butt Firmly

I am 47 and only fairly recently discovered the pleasure that is to be had from being with men but i am left rather hurt and frustrated by the fact I have never […]