Masculine Kindness

I have done all those things, and I feel so lucky. To wrap my arms and legs around another man’s body. To feel how his strength matches my own, not in a combative […]

Nothing Hurried!

I think that connection is the most important thing. Would love my manhood massaged as part of a full experience. It s not only about the act itself, but more of who, where […]

Los Penetrados

Los Penetrados (The Penetrated) is a 45-minute film in eight acts from controversial Spanish Artist SANTIAGO SIERRA. The film was originally shot on October 12 2008, Día de la Raza, or the Day […]

KnoBledge Awards

Janurary 2022 FRATERNAL MANLY : For libertarian men, adults, independents, adherents of Androphilia (Jack Malebranche) and the ancient Traditions / Viris Alliances. November 2021 MASCULAR Studio is an international photography collective, whose photographers […]