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It was the fourth of July. You know: Firecrackers and banners? Well, I got myself a porno video and started watching it. It lasted about two hours. It was with Latino actors and very cheaply made. Since the actors were Latinos, I was able to measure up and compare with them. The last scene was out-of-this-world, where two sloppy workers met a whore at home, and they both fuck her all up with their approximately seven-incher-uncut-cocks. Both were kind of chubby and short, and the gal was thin, and it was amazing how she could take both of them annally and cunt wise. Both never took off their undies, but I loved to watch these two guys with thier thick-seven-to-eight inches circumference rods. It was kinky to see them just move aside their underwear and stick out those fat cylinders, and ram them up and down the thin lady. Well, there I sat in front of my TV set watching the two-hour video, and just letting my pre-cum give me multiorgasms, as the whitish precum dribble down my 5.75 inch cut knob. I was by myself, while my wife was at work, and stark-naked rubbed my dearest friend “silly”, which is 5.5 wide at its base diminishing its width as it reaches my arrow glans. I was so fucking horny, and the pre-cum spouts came periodically, feeling like I had cummed several times.

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My eyes popped up like firecrackers and banners, until I wasn’t able able to stop oozing my jizz out. I had never felt so horny, especially being an older straight man. Oh, my yellowish-whitish cum squirted out about two feet onto the blue carpet, and the next jizzes just dribble down my content rod. I was really pooped up, but had the best grin in my face because I had celebrated the fourth of July with firecrackers and banners. This was about two years ago. I thought I’d never could jerk off for two hours any more. I usually wank myself out in less than 30 minutes or so, and I do this at least three times a week, especially watching porno movies, or browsing thru your page, which by the way it’s just terrific, although I don’t think I’m gay. I love to watch cock, but I consider myself heterosexual, and I have only tried oral sex with a man (he to me) when I was in my late 20’s. That was also a terrrifc expirience, which I’ll tell you someday. But just today, as I watched a long two-hour porno movie, I did experience the multiorgams of two years ago. I think that these prolonged multiorgasms have been the best jerkoffs of my entire 60’s and so years. I feel so at ease now, that even your page hasn’t cause me a hardon. I rubbed the almost-six inch pecker so much today, frustrated that my wife didn’t give cunt last night, and so I took revenge and had another “firecrackers and banners” wanking. I wonder if I’d experience another of these long-horny sessions before I die. But to tell you the truth, it is possible to supress jizzing out at least for two hours. Just get yourself a long porno video, and go slow at it. Oh, what made me horny too was that I watched my hardon on a small mirrow, and also took some mobile phone photos of my arrow-gun, which also excited me to feel orgasmic even after three hours of having cummed. Have you ever heard of “feeling orgasmic” after a good cumming like I had today? Fatso

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  1. love this story so funny he sounds like he really had a firecracker time of it and the wife didn’t give him what he wanted too

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