I only have a dad bod and average cock. Great site but I feel left out. I love cock but is it all about gym guys


I agree completely. I don’t think I’m fat, ugly or have a small cock but compared to 99% of the pics here I look like a eunuch troll. The pics on this site are awesome but it can be a real blow to your self esteem


Hi everyone, First I can’t thank you enough for this site. I like the stories, the pics & has helped me to enjoy my body but to know I am not alone & educated me regarding pleasure. I emphasize of what Anon & joE are saying. Everyone wants to be represented. I will say those types of men & how they describe themselves are a real turn on to me but I did not realize that till your site showed those types of pics, so the nypd pic of the man in the subway is a real turn on & I enjoy looking at that pic often & pics of soft cocks is a real turn on. So, yes I like a man with a bit of a belly & I see those pics on your site so maybe see more of them. All of this is subjective & you are giving us a gift & a outlet to help pleasure ourselves by looking at all these pic, stories and the to few videos. Thank you gentlemen for your comments & again thanks for this site.


10 thoughts on “DadBod & Average?

  1. Most of us are our own worst critics. My cock is big. Out of all the experiences I’ve had with men, my cock has always been the biggest.
    And do you thing that makes me content? Or course it doesn’t! My torso is barrel shaped but my arms are like linguini. Looks terrible. I also have mild scoliosis, which sometimes gives me an awkward posture. And I’m too damn lazy to hit the gym.

    Lovers, we all have our insecurities. We all strive to be the best in this highly competitive gene pool. We’re men… we’re programmed to be that way.

    In ancient times, when a man met a better man, one that he couldn’t measure up to, he had some choices. He could flee, seeking out new stomping ground with less conpetition. (Until another alpha comes along and he has to flee again). Another choice: he murdered the better man with a poison stab in the back, like a coward. (because he could never beat him in a fair fight).

    Or, he went with the best choice, to become a loyal retainer, a follower who is inspired and mimicking the better man in everything he is, and does.
    So when you see a beautiful man, with a perfect body, perfect cock, instead of feeling bad about yourself, allow yourself to idolize him. Give into that man-crush! Let this man inspire you. Yes… most probably he’s only a model. His looks may not reglect any kind of actual alpha personality, but the image is real. Since the dawn of mankind, we idolize images. Don’t fight it.

    I know this is a… lofty pill to swallow. But you get my point.

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