as happy as larry?

let’s not beat about the bush. I bate with lots of lube, and stroke very lightly, all the way up and down. After a while, my sensitivity will increase, particularly on “my sweet spot”(male clitoris?). Then I know it is time to take a couple of whiffs of poppers while continuing with the very light stroking. I can get myself very quickly to the point of cumming. That means it is time to take a breather, and maybe even take a slight nap for a while. Then when I wake up, its time to start all over again.

As the time continues on, the stroking gets to be firmer, and always with lots of lube. More and more poppers are the norm. When I get really close, I make myself take about 5 large whiffs. When I just can’t take the tension any longer, I use my fingers in a round and round fashion on my sweet spot
(male clitoris?) until I know I am going to burst. I then back off just a little. Many times I will have the feeling that my orgasm is right at the top of my cock, and this fantastic feeling will last 100% for probably about 10 seconds or so. Nirvana!! John

What does male sweet spot mean sexually?

sweet spot (plural sweet spots) Any place which is optimum for a certain action to occur. The ears, the nipples, the belly button, the anal lips, The male clitoris(prostate gland), or other center of sexual pleasure. (physics, slang) The center of percussion

I have three basic types of stroke sessions…

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