What is Edging?

Edging is a wanking technique that involves spreading your legs as wide apart as is comfortable and bringing yourself very close to ejaculation but stopping before you cumm. It is recomended that you try and last about 20 minutes every day. Learning not to cumm as soon as you feel the urge will make you feel like a sex god, delivering deep juddering multi orgasms and a greater amount of ejaculate.

The ballooning technique is very similar to edging, but it feels alot more intense. Ballooning is edging with the addition of Kegel exercises while concentrating on the lower shaft part and the perineum area. While ballooning you never touch any point on your cock above your frenulum. After practising these techniques for a few days you will discover why it is balled ballooning.

4 thoughts on “Edging & Ballooning

    1. Yes! Given the time, I can edge for hours with no plans to stop. How does one know when to stop when, in the past it was “over” when I ejaculated. This could go on indefinitely.

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