We should all be allowed and enabled to explore our sexuality, but we are first locked into societal definitions that quite often are binary. Long before puberty and therefore any approach of sexuality, boys are told what a real man is (and that is not gay) and sadly, girls are told the same bs. So by the time the body starts transforming, say from 10-11 yo onwards, we are already programmed. Girls will seek “bad boys” with all the dire consequences that has and boys will plunge into guilt, shame and at times despair when they have any sort of reaction with a male friend. Yet, when many people come forward claiming non-binary genders, society in vast numbers mocks them and reiterates that boys are boys and girls are girls. We are stuck in this loop. Acceptance of large changes in societal behaviour comes with time and volume. We may not like the idea of burning to death a woman because she is able to read, but 800 years ago, we probably all would have denounce her and gone to watch her die. Have we completed this change of attitude? not really, when seeing that woman reading, we probably still reflect more on what she’s wearing. The attitude towards gay men is still rather primitive. Then is the attitutde towards the others. Given the choice, I’d pick a woman for sex. But getting a man inside me is a great pleasure I truly seek and enjoy. My label is therefore bi-sexual. Can I claim it? with risks. Is it enoug to describe me? no. I feel my sexuality is confused by years of bad education about it. I wish we were more open about it. But in a society that is not intellectually and morally prepared to establish and accept any connections between the wonderful magical event that is birth and the sex activities that took place 9 months prior, we still have a very long way to go.


What a great question. 1-Having a dream doesn’t make anything tangible. 2-Having actual sex with a person of the same sex won’t make you gay just as much as having straight sex won’t make you straight???? Geeezus people…get over yourself. What is missing here is the fact that young men aren’t educated by real men about sexuality and I am not talking physical…but as a mentor. When I was young I resisted being gay. One time I had a wet dream with a woman in it and I was like YAAAA I am not gay lol…WRONG lol. But I believe that 99% of wet dreams are homosexual based and that straight guys are afraid to acknowledge this fact. I have many wet dreams where I am sucking my own dick (what does that mean lol) and in the end…it’s a wet dream…YAAAA. As men, we need to let the young men know that waking up with morning wood when your buddy stays over doesn’t make you gay. Having an erection in the gym showers doesn’t make you gay just as much as having an erection in math class doesn’t make you a pervert lol. Stop the if-then routine and use the Hey…I like this…and be yourself.


Men should explore their sexuality and enjoy the pleasures of having sex with other men. Stop labeling things but enjoy their bodies and enjoy brotherly love. If they don’t they will miss out on the fullness of complete sexual pleasure.


7 thoughts on “Educated By Real Men

  1. In high school our guidance counselor thought I would make a good priest. I don’t think I would have made a good priest.

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