If you’re not sure where your HaPenis Muscle is the next time you are going for a piss when you are in a strong flow, stop as quickly as possible. The muscle you are using to do that is the PC Muscle. Alternately stand up with your legs spread gently apart. Try lifting your balls without touching them. Again the muscle your using to do this is your PC Muscle. Imagine your squeezing your anal lips tightly, that’s it the PC Muscle. Spending five minutes a day doing the following anal flutter sexercises will help you maintain a healthy mind, body and soul, and achieve multi ejaculations that could only be described as uncontrollable, juddering, screaming pleasure re-connecting you to your original sacred sexual self, where heaven is to bask in Gods love with no need to control, or be described, as anything other than, that, that is divine. The great thing about this ritual is you can do it anywhere as you don’t have to be naked. I adopted it from a ritual a client told me about. He has been practising it for nearly 30 years. Although now in his early fifties he honestly looks fifteen years younger. He is a very sexy man. A picture of health and happiness. Full of the joys of life. He can ejaculate 7 times in succession without losing his hard-on. After practising for a few weeks you will realise that this is probably the best advice anyone ever gave you about sex.

Play your favourite song for masturbation really loudly

Stand with your legs spread as widely as possible, with your knees slightly bent.  Concentrate on your breathe, make them huge and deep.

As you breathe rub your hand together until they are furiously hot.

Place your right hand on your perineum and with your left hand on the small of your back so that your middle finger rest into the top of our arse crack. Rub the heat in at both points. Some blokes call this “awakening the kundalini energy.

Bend over slightly as if exposing your arse hole to the sun. Contract and relax your PC muscle (the one you use to stop pissing) 81 times

Tighten your arse cheeks and pull your belly button in and out 81 times.

Bend over slightly as if exposing your arse hole to the sun.Flutter your arse furiously 81 times from right top left

Tighten your arse cheeks, and contract and relax your anal muscles and pull your belly button in and out at the same time. Repeat 81 times.

Flutter your arse furiously 81 times from left to right.


8 thoughts on “HaPenis Muscle (Xperiment 4)

  1. I’ve been performing these ass-kegels fior decades, since my teens. I discovered that when I would pop involuntary boners in school or while in church, the desire to touch and squeeze it hard was overwhelming, but I could not, of course, because they happened in public, hidden from view by my desk or jacket thrown over my lap. In my frustration, I figured out how to flex my anus, and thus- my cock. By repeating the flexing of my anus in rapid succession, I could actually rub the head of my hard cock against the fabric of my pants. Attending a private Catholic school, my pants were loose dress slacks and not stiff denim. My mother also insisted that we dress for Mass so jeans were forbidden. I used these dress codes to my advantage, actually bringing myself to a handsfree orgasm in my earth science class! I never achieved that in church, though I came pretty close, causing precum to ooze out of my 15 year old cock in copious amounts. I continued doing this for decades and still do it during times of boredom, like when I am stuck in an uninteresting meeting or conversation. My dick is no longer hard when I do it now but old habits are difficult to break. I bet I could snap a pencil with my asshole.

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