I believe we can all learn from and support each other. I don’t have any brothers so don’t know what it is like to have a natural brother. However, i appreciate the bonds of support and development that exists between men. I can only fantasise about what that energy is between supportive brothers. I do believe that laws should always be abided by and also believe that where men are consenting and give themselves freely is the best state. I know my beliefs are not mainstream and don’t really fit into any ‘institutionalised’ religion. I have searched and tried a few different religions most of which are Christian. I have recently spoken to a Satanist who did excite and inspire me but i think he was after a wank. I’m not sure if you understand my feelings but I do want to thank you for the opportunity to express them. All the best.


5 thoughts on “Brotherhood of Pleasure

  1. There should be a Brotherhood of Pleasure in every town and city. A haven where men can connect with other men on a spiritual as well as physical level. Because the two are linked, and so the needs are linked as well. But most religious institutions tend to focus on the spiritual, and attempt to supress the physical, resulting in sexual frustration, dysfunction, and unHaPenis. Men’s cocks shrivel and their prostates go bad.

    So… Brothers, take care of yourselves, and take care of each other. Love one another, Lust one another. In the name of Pan, Priapus, Frej, Xochipilli, Min, Yúcahu, Shinda, or whatever sex deity you turn to, let it be so!
    Remember, Love is eternal, but Lust is only fleeting – so lets have it as long and often as we can.

    Have a happy, erect, veiny, throbbing 2022, my Brothers.

  2. You have a great site here…..really like it. Good set up and great men. I’m in Palm Springs and wonder how I can contribute to this?

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