fucked by two egyptians


As i am working on a cruise ship with many arabs and pakistanians’i often fan being fucked by two egyptians close friend, as an officer they provide us room-service to the cabins,one night i took a shower put a towel around me and lay in bed,asking those guys for dinner and coffee. As they could not provide both by one waiter they came in i was still in bed they smiled and i lifted one leg which left me covered only one side,they put down the trays came over one of them opened his pants and exposed a huge cock.the other guy started massaging my inner thighs and occationaly touched my cock. i reached out to hold the exposed monster and the massaging guy decided that since they are off duty now he asked to stay and took off his entire clothes in less then a minute he was beside me felling my ass and trying to finger me.as i was bussy already sucking the other waiter he took some cream from the shelf and shoved his cock so deep that i almost chacked on the cock still in my mouth,they had turnes at me and we spent two hours of exploring what i belive was the first time for them. for the rest of the season they became my “private” waiters and they were joined by two more guys from the houskeeping that found out what was going on and joined in. david w

fucked egyptians


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