Erotic images of Blue-collar men by the Australian Artist Paul Freemen. His artwork is amazing. It questions an increasing conservatism society that retreats a lot into a solitary and imaginary art world keeping us entertained by the fact that we are born as sinners, or for homosexuals “double” sinners. His art is a rEvolution against that guilt. Using images that stimulate his art confronts the FEAR that all men have about something that we were told was a sin. To see more of the artist’s work you can visit his website

3 thoughts on “Erotic Images of Blue-collar Men

  1. Freeman ! Wow ! What a selection of mind blowing beauties .. sad the sex has been hidden beauty is beauty in all parts it is hypocrit like naked marbles male statues that has ben emasculated at Vatican .. the exciting is the body the penis is the mesh to ignite & enjoy the whole

  2. Following our nature (without hurting anbody ) is NOT A SIN!
    The traumatic concept of SIN is religion’s fault and has been integrated in society façade, in reality everybody sins no sin no life no new generations .. having children is optional no sexual pleasure no kids .. the sex lust- pleasure is a trap to attract humans .. otherwise who would make children on pourpose without attraction sex desire and
    genetic conditioning of father-motherhood ? ? Same gender sex is a part of humanity some have the attraction some others don’t!! But society assumed just one possible issue a man and a women and mariage
    !! Children come to world throught sex not marriage .. marriage is a human institution, and love does not imply children but two people attraction ; and love can have many different forms : admiration friendship desire lust sex felt for different or same sex .. society should evolve toward this goals ¨sex equalities » and forget old stales clichés
    Sex equality means : how and with whom you play your emotional and sexual life is your own private affair .. no lebels no judgement

  3. Heroics II Book Preview – 30s from Paul Freeman on Vimeo.

    Heroics II is the second book in the Heroics series from acclaimed photographer, Paul Freeman. This video preview shows some of the incredibly beautiful photographs within its pages.

    Please note that the video is low resolution for the purposes of this preview only. Photographs within the book present sharp and high quality. ( Please respect copyright and the privacy of the subjects depicted by not copying any part of the video.)

    To find out more or purchase your own copy of Heroics II, visit

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