As an androsexual (homo) man I sure appreciate you comment, LeO. Servicing married, unappreciated men has become a bit of an obsession of mine. You might even call it a mission. Men who are neglected by their women. Women who, as we all know, only care about their own needs to be fulfilled. Though, they can’t help it. It’s hardwired into the female brain to selfishly have herself and her offspring provided for. But it becomes a source of great unhappiness for many men. Recently I wrote about an encounter with such a man. And I will use this to illustrate the schism between men and women.

His wife is a lazy fat bitch and they have two tween kids. They all exploit him. The kids can’t be blamed, but his wife certainly has a lot to answer for. She doesn’t work, or even lift a finger at home. He works, cleans the house, cooks, and takes their kids to all their extra-curricular activities. She takes pills for her “condition”, watches Netflix and plays CandyCrush all day. And eats. I seen pics of her at his how, and boy can she eat. Anyhoo… Long story short, after our encounter he was changed. When I left him he glowed. We said we were gonna do this again, at the next opportunity. This happened a few days ago, much sooner than I had expected. Unlike last time, “Joe” more or less staged it. He simply gave her his credit card and sent them all on a day of shopping. The front door was open and I enter the house. Joe met me in the hallway He wore sweatpants and his hair was still wet from a shower (a beautiful sight btw). There was something different about Joe this time. No more awkward comments or fidgety hands. And no str8 porn streaming on the telly. He smelled newly showered, but not of shower gel. He smelled of fresh man. I had to raise his arm and dive into that hairy pit for a while. He was intrigued and asked “ actually into that? Is that a thing?” I explained the whole phenomenon of pit diving, and offered him. He buried his nose in my hair pit. I could tell he instantly connected. He drew in my scent in deep breaths and sighed “oh my god…”, and then he licked and kissed, drew in again. I could tell what was happening. Joe’s neural pathways were literally being rewired and rerouted in that moment. That scent was no longer something repulsive as he had been taught his whole life. It’s our own natural cologne, wild an intoxicating. This is Manhood.

Then I took the opportunity to give him something else he’d probably never had before. I leaned him back, took off his sweatpants, raised his legs and spread them, and then I proceeded to get up close and breathe on his hairy hole. He let out a sigh, and his hole fluttered. Then I rimmed the fuck out of him. He made sounds he swore he’d never done before. He almost sounded like a whimpering dog. It was quite comedic, and I couldn’t help but chuckling as my tongue glided across that rosebud over and over. Joe started laughing as well. We didn’t laugh at each other, but with each other. Man, such a joyous moment. When I was done, Joe stood up. His cock was throbbing hard and seeped with desire. He now had a different look on his face. Serious, poised, and ready. I saw he had much backed up aggression in him. Told him to fuck my throat as hard as he could or wanted. Go ahead, just fuckin rape that mouth. I’m a man, I can take it. And boy did he! He raped my mouth good and hard. He was fuckin relentless. Had he done that to a woman she would have left the house outraged and humiliated. But not me. I just saw a glimpse of heaven. Tasted it too. And this is what I’m talking about, men. Women will never truly understand the needs of men. Women’s bodies are frail, as are their sensibilities. I have a lot of women in my life. The women in my family, which I love and adore. And… the wives and GFs of friends, etc, not so much. And I dare say I’m not liked by most of them either. See, I call them out on their bullshit. Because whenever in a gathering, and we come into the topic of men, all I hear is bitches whining and complaining. Yes, I realize I come off as very misogynist right now, but bare with me. This is usually the way it goes:

Woman: “Ugh! Men only have one thing on their mind!”
Me: “And why is a bad thing..?”
Woman: “Wuh…. tsk… I want love and tenderness. And I want him to respect me, and listen to me.
Me: Funny… I get exactly all those things when he’s fucking my throat as hard as he can.
Woman: “Gross!”
Me: No. It’s wonderful. WonderOUS even.
Woman: No it’s just raw sex, and quite toxic! You’re kidding yourself if you think that’s love!
Me (going off): Tell me, where does a pounding hard cock end, and love begin? Where is the distinction? Afterwards when you’re both sweaty and exhausted, falling into each other’s arms, cuddling, drenched in bodily fluids… isn’t that the most intimate you can be with another human being? Where are your fuckin needs then? You gonna ruin that moment and start talking about your feelings? Men are physical creatures. We already know your feelings. We can touch them, and smell them! Why must there always be words with you cunts!? Just appreciate your men as they are, and stop your incessant whining! Stop trying to change your man into a woman! Because we know that women appreciate the kind of man I’m talking about. Yet you rope him into marriage, you break him in, break his spirit, turn him into a flaccid cunt just like you – and then you wonder where all the passion in your life went. You killed it with all your damn never-ending needs!

So then, of course I get dismissed outright as a mansplaining pig. They’re probably not wrong.
Love you guys.

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