Private Dicks: Men Exposed is a 1999 American HBO TV documentary on the human penis. The film was directed by Thom Powers and Meema Spadola . The 58-minute documentary features 25 men with age ranging from young to old, and who work in a variety of professions, some of whom are professional performers.

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Ok, so I watch the bare minimal of the HBO penis expose and found it to be riDICKulous. It is a low-testosterone counterpart to the insipid Vagina Monologues. The piece does nothing to showcase the power of the penis – it’s magnificence as the source of life, instead we get a collection of soy boys, most of whom have no idea of what to do with their congenital appendage. A man is blessed with a 13” cock and he treats it like a banal balloon animal fashioned by a broken down clown. The documentary, if that’s what it is, defangs the penis and strips it of its power. Think about these sad, uninspiring peckers on display and then think about the majestic cocks you see on a piece of Ancient Greek pottery. You see what I mean? Throughout history the cock has been glorified, so of course late 20th century feminized society would want to neuter the significance of cock-forward masculinity. Gentlemen, do not follow suite and become all emo over your dick. Caress it, make it fill with blood, slap it on someone’s forehead and ream them from both ends until you empty your ball’s through the turgid, veiny meat tube that God gave you to play with. Your cock is your center of being. Give it the respect and honor it deserves.

19 thoughts on “Private Dicks: Men Exposed

  1. Ben, are you the same Ben as ASK BEN at the top?
    There could be a few Bens who are totally into penises!

  2. So here is the challenge, get your cock out and relax. Breathe deeply and get your cock to a point of slightly less than semi erect. Close your eyes as you gently pump the shaft of your member. Press the record button and talk about your magnificence. Speak slowly, loud and clear. After several minutes, press the stop button and immediately post your video below. Go on, I fucking dare you.

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