In the last two years, many have discovered that the world of OnlyFans can be a lucrative career path. One man decided to make it a family business though and is absolutely raking it in. Jake Herbert began posting content on the platform whilst he was appearing in the BBC Reality TV Show Ibiza Dreams, working as a naked butler. He was making £6,000-7,000 a month. But things were about to go to another level, thanks to a topless picture he posted of him and his dad after the gym. Things “went mental”. He told the BBC: “I knew to get to the next level I’d have to do something that would really get everyone talking. Herbert claims he now makes between £25,000 and £30,000 a month through OnlyFans. Despite this ludicrous money though, Herbert says he only gives his father “£100 here and there”. “I know I should [pay him more], but I started the thing. It’s my page and I built it up,” Herbert said.

5 thoughts on “Herbert & Herbert

  1. There is nothing ‘wrong’ in being in erotic situations with your father/son. The taboos were invented by heterosexual people to guard against genetic problems arising from interbreeding – they have no relevance for gay men. We should enjoy relationships that are not psychologically damaging.

    1. Hello John, you can also include myself. That’s one of the reasons i decided to post it. What surprises me most is the way the mainstream media, as in the BBC video above, presented the story.

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