My college wrestling coach (years ago) was a lot shorter than I, but trim and built solid. I was surprised when he made a move on me one day in his office. Told me very directly what he wanted, and the next thing I knew he was on his knees in front of me, pulling my shorts down. He was married and a super aggressive guy, and he changed my feelings about being able to spot gay dudes. He was old enough to have been my dad, so I was intimidated and turned on at the same time. He jacked himself off all the while he was giving me head and shot his jizz all over the floor. When I saw that was happening, I pulled myself back till he finished. He laughed and said he couldn’t believe how fast that had happened. Then he went back to finish me off.


Wrestling with another guy — a total stranger whom I’ve never met before — with us both stripped down to nothing but our jockstraps. Winner fucks the loser up the ass with the both of us still wearing our jocks. It would be even better if there were some other jockstrapped guys there watching us, too. Hank

1 thought on “Is Wrestling Homosexual ?

  1. Part of me wishes it were still like ancient Greece, with every man wrestling, naked, and the wrestlers hook up to stick their dicks between each other’s thighs. (The Greeks considered anal effeminate.)

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