Sometimes, I still get amazed at a new sensation I manage to trigger in my penis and especially the skin. The technique you mention is similar to one I do. I have enough overhang when hard ( and yeah, like the neck of a balloon ) sitting off the end of my cock. I begin to stroke upwards in a sort of pinching motion my the overhang. It’s not so much a pinch, more a slow two or three finger caress. You may not feel much at first, but like most 4skin play it takes a little while to drop. And drop it does. All of a sudden, it’s like a thick heavy itch that engulfs the tip of my 4skin and spreads across the ridged band. By this point, the pre will be really starting to flow and with consistent patient strokes the hood becomes very moist and tender. Like frenulum work and depending on your edge or bate demand, the orgasm is very heavy and deep. Love your site.


9 thoughts on “Hoody Buddy

  1. I never really had an issue with smegma. When I was very young my Mom told me that when bathing I was to retract the foreskin and clean the glans. I wasn’t embarrassing because I was so young. My parent were Danish immigrants and sex issues didn’t freak them out. WE knew where babies came from because when little we watched our cats have kittens and Mom explained what was happening.

  2. I love a nice hooded cock too. I’m uncut too and I really like playing with it. I love seeing a fully erected cock with a nice long foreskin over the head. Here is mine.

    1. That picture that yo posted is almost identical of my handsome penis!!!
      We could be twins. I love my beautiful penis.

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