I usually like very slow breath guided firm and honest touches. Sensual and patient so I can feel and connect with the intention of the massager. I’m open and loving of people and would like to know how other men like their manhood massaged. In a dimly lit room, energise, melting loving and grateful. Happily touched and acknowledged. Rewind so I can catch up. Body to body is also good. The main thing is positivity. Aliveness. Appreciation. And being and bringing out the sexy. Whomever it may be. Source

Sensitively at first, allowing me to close my eyes and catch my breath and arrive because I’m always rushing around – so someone who can touch me into stillness. I like a hand that feels strong and purposeful, knowing how to respond to what is happening to me, intuition and exploration to take us both to the next level of connection – corny, I know but it’s all about connection. Source

Touch is so important. I don’t like it when someone rushes into intimacy that is so mechanical. I appreciate the anticipation; the breath, the music, the smells. Communication is so important as well. I appreciate someone who can listen to ones needs as well as express their own. And let’s not forget humor. Sometimes, funny things happen. That is sexy to me. Source

That’s a hard one (no pun intended) for me as it’s been long time since I’ve received such a massage. However I do know that I enjoy the Sensualising Feeling and Sensuality Drawn Out from slow, long, almost teasing manipulation with periods (in minutes/time) of ‘hands off’ then ‘hands on’ activity allowing the pleasure sensations to rise slowly from deep within pausing periodically to gain overall momentum


With tender touch that is very slow and gradually explores different sensations and arousal grows. Never rushed and maybe sometimes just holding and cradling. Treat it with respect and love and rejoice with whatever response is achieved.

6 thoughts on “How Do Men Like Their Manhood Massaged?

  1. Slowly, playfully, gently. my manhood, my humanhood, extends beyond my prostate, beyond my butt cheeks, beyond my phallus, beyond my balls, into my heart, my mind, my legs, my mouth

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