I would blush every time I saw him, usually at our local pub. For the first five years we never spoke, never even an acknowledgement until one day he accidently bumped into me and I just went so completely red that he asked me if I was ok. I did manage a little smile and think to myself “Oh, I could be”. I was on a mission. We had made contact. For several months it was “Hello Mate” and a very huge big massive smile. Eventually he would smile as well. His smile used TO MAKE ME SO FUCKING happy. The next two years were a bit like having continual sex. The hellos got bigger, and there was a permanent smile. Really! Me and HIM eventually spend one afternoon TOGETHER. We went to the football. Had a few drinks afterwards chatted for hours, and just before i went i got a hug. A huge hug, it made me feel very fucking amazing. He must have felt my erect cock beside the fat bulge in his jogging pants, I could certainly feel his.

Thanks Mate

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2 thoughts on “Hello Mate

  1. Beautiful how awkward and true, I don’t want to be so afraid of men and our attraction.

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