Yes, then anybody who wants to can get up and say, like, “I fuck girls!” or “I’m not scared to wear a Brooks Brothers suit” or “I wear my hat indoors or out as I please,” Which Whitman said. But I don’t stand up in public and suddenly announce, “I’m a bearded-beatnik-bohemian-faggot-dope-fiend” to boat about it. When somebody asks me: “Why don’t you shave?” or “Are you willing to admit you smoke marijuana?” and “You look as if you have Communistic tendencies” or “You need a good bath!”—well, then, I say: “My beard just grows, I didn’t plant it, I don’t get up every morning and try to murder my hair and obliterate my human image. It’s just Adam’s hair. Yes, I like to make it with boys; I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad; it feels all right so I describe it. And I admit I smoke dope. But I think police-state bureaucrats mounted their secret conspiracy to suppress marijuana in order to create police-state conditions. And I am a Communist of the heart, except that I’ve been bricked off the set by police in Communist Prague and Communist Havana—and ‘Communist’ Chicago. I was kicked out of Havana and Prague for talking about homosexuality.”


3 thoughts on “I Fuck Girls!

    1. Plenty of guys fuck girls, and also enjoy playing with the bros. Nothing wrong with that, so long as you’re candid about it.

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