I hated my foreskin

I’ve got no time for all that stuff about “natural“. You wouldn’t keep saying that if you had appendicitis would you? I hated my foreskin. I got all the sensation from my KNOB and ii hated that smell that I used to get under the 4skin too. Ugh! I envied all the guys who had circumcised dick. They looked so much sexier, aggressive thrusting cocks, and so much cleaner. Try keeping condoms on with a lot of foreskin. Yukk F-ing nuisance. GIve me a big hot swollen glans like the guy that posted. The top sex sight for me. Bigger the knob the better. Tighter the cut the better. I even like to check out the scars and marks on the shaft. The skin doesn’t give me great orgasms. But the cockhead sure DOES. platt_85

3 thoughts on “I hated my foreskin

  1. I love a cock with lots of foreskin. I could suck and lick and run my tongue inside it and lick the fat head of that cock. And if u take a cock up the assembly with plenty foreskin there is no lube at all needed. The more foreskin the easier and much more pleasure from having it rammed in my assistant. But I precinct continuously as I am sucking cock and all that wonderful manly aroma of his cock and balls. Love to suck huge balls and lick his cock as long as he will let me.

  2. Then get your penis cut. You asshole! At least you were given the choice like millions of men that weren’t.

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