Slowly, without anxiety or hurriedness. Sometimes playfully with happy energy. Sometimes very seriously with earnest. It could be studied so well that every surface gets equal attention and care. Different oils could be used depending on mood or the length of time of the massage. A longer session is preferable to a short one, time permitting. The application of heat or cool can sometimes add to the experience. Two hands are fine under most circumstances but four or even six can be amazing. I’m open to trying new and various ways to make the experience as interesting and fun as possible.


With a pair of warm hands and plenty of oil, rub and massage the inside of my thighs and groin area. Proceed to oil my shaft and testicles. Slowly and gently massage my balls, pull on them a bit, blow on them. Massage between my ball sack and anus as well as around my testicles including my public bone area. Proceed to massage my shaft I like hard grips, lighter grips and running your nails along it too. Twist when you reach my head, make sure it’s lubed up a lot, I enjoy the sounds too. I like it fast and slow, keep me at the edge, stop then go again. I like to have a couple of finger massaging my prostrate at the same time. (Source)

My manhood needs a touch from someone that comes from a warm and respectful place. My manhood needs to trust your touch, especially since he’s uncut. My manhood connects with you when you connect with me. I like my manhood to have lubrication. Silicone here, please.

I like my manhood massaged with long slow strokes from base to tip using lots of oil. I like the head to be circled while balls are being gently cupped, slowly hands meeting around the middle of my shaft. like to be massaged with respect and sensual touch to make the flow of energy super powerful. The same will be expected from me.

The hands softly caress the shaft on up to the head lightly tickling while feeling every vein and cock muscle in pure ecstasy. In a sensual and enlightening way which transcends the day to day and helps cultivate a higher sense of consciousness.

I like my manhood massaged in a sensitive caring manner that is respectful of the fact that there is more to me than the appearance. I’m unique. I want that protected, valued, and acknowledged. I want to do the same for others.

very soft and dry at first, then a bit harder, then STOP, then stop, next I love to have my urethra hole played with, then adding some lube, then stroked super hard down the shaft (preferably with a finger in my ass) until I cum

9 thoughts on “I like my manhood massaged

  1. I like massage covering the whole body, with a lot of oil, touching everything, but not attacking directly the sensible area, starting with legs, back and lower back, slowly but firmly. And continuing with the front part where I have the most sensitive areas, covering the inner parts of legs, chest and nipples! Of course touching the penis when the hands go up and down, making it grow till the final explosion. The combination of combining nipples and penis drives me crazy.

  2. I like a nice and juicy massage, it’s nice to get hard before anything is started so I usually grip myself to pictures of good looking lads and that gets the job done also seeing other men naked is a physical attraction to me and gives me a huge boner especially at urinals

  3. My cock loves getting attention. I enjoy slow sensual, erotic touching. My balls being caressed and cupped passionately but boldly. The head of my cock explored with ones wet tongue lubricating my entire shaft with their saliva. Cocks were made to be worshiped and cock worship is an art form. The aura and transformation to the ‘ zone ” while having your cock worshiped is truly wonderful.

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