There is something about your site that keeps me cumming back and back again. I’ve found something here which is better than viewing pictures of cock (which is what I was searching for when I came here).  It is about finding that there there are other people like me.  A community, A community of men like me. Thanks. I have always been in str8 relationships but had the occasional sticky moment with guys. Also, COCK fills my fantasy life. I had a brief relationship with a married couple and was able to make love with the guy and taste his spunk. I was never properly fucked by him (just cockhead into ring, no deeper) and I never fucked him.  I think of him often and wish we had taken the plunge. I wrote the following a while ago:I went with a friend to see a few of the films in the 2004 London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. They had an effect on me. I laughed and I got aroused and I felt sad and I felt anxiety. There I was in the theatre and I was surrounded by mostly guys and most I knew would be interested in the on-screen sex in more than just an intellectually detached way.  Like me.  So there was also a feeling of belonging too. Certainly, we laughed together as a man. I realised something about myself. I admitted something to myself. I prefer men.  It’s not that I don’t like women, but I am attracted by men first, women second. Fact.  Period. It’s not like “Oh gosh, I never knew”, more about recognising and owning myself, my behaviour, my interests. It’s about desire and possibility and heartbreak, about hope and fear, about self-esteem and self-acceptance. I don’t feel gay, don’t identify with “gay”, don’t want to be associated with “gay”, yet if I prefer my own sex for sex, what choices do I have? Love the site – long may you prosper.

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  1. Interesting submission and comments. I’m actually interested to know the name of the excellent artist and painting that leads to the video. Mr. Cox- if you please…

  2. I’m a married man in my 50’s. I love my wife and family and I’ve been always attracted to men, since I was a kid.
    I have come to terms with my masculinity: I feel that being attracted to men is one of the most masculine aspects of my life.
    Discovering this site was a blast. All what I felt “weird” about myself finally got its right place. The community of manhood is powerful and it is a sacred place just for us men. I don’t feel lonely anymore.
    I have recently met a gay man and we have become friends with benefits. Although I had had sex with other men in the past, I feel a deep connection with this man. We share many interests and having sex is beyond what I knew of before. We have opened a space of manhood and friendship that feels even sacred. At the same time we respect our spaces. No pressures, no demands. Just pure enjoyment when we are together.
    Being able to recognize and accept this very important aspect of myself, has turned into a deeper connection with my wife. I don’t feel guilty anymore and I have started to resume our sex lives, put on hold for a long time. I feel complete and have fully embraced myself.
    Thank you for putting on light this site.

    1. Ahoj chlape jsem na tom stejně, vše co píšeš na začátku i to ostatní.Moc rád bych si s tebou psal je to možné?

    2. I agree with every word you have written. Same age, same desires, same history. Thank you for speaking out and sharing your truth so bravely.

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