These drawing, reminded me that art has the power to influence, inspire and torment the beholder. I was in my mid-teens in 1980, under the age of consent, but already 6’2″ and looking much older. It was the first time I headed into the city by myself to take a weekend math class at NYU that would give me credits towards college while in high school. I was all hormones and newly sprouted chest hairs, an innocent in too tight disco jeans riding the subway alone. Tom of Finland was hot at the moment and I remember seeing those illustrations on pasted up bills announcing something called a Tea Dance. I saw them in the book stores, magazine racks, in the window of sex toy shops. I was mesmerized by the raw sexuality of those drawings, yet I was ashamed to be looking at them. I would go to a newsstand and thumb through a mainstream publication while sneaking peaks at the charcoal rendered men, with muscles, beard stubble, hard nipples, and obscene bulges. Fuck! Those illustrations made my teenage cock stir and I was only looking peripherally. Each Saturday on my trip in, I would spend hours going from shop to shop where I knew I would find prints, greeting cards, posters, books, of Tom of Finland. I could not work up the courage to open one of those books, but I studied what I could see. I started wearing my cock out of my underwear, the elastic waistband of my black Jockey Elance briefs shoved under my balls giving them a lift and giving me my own obscene bulge in my faded jeans. I had no idea what I was doing, but the stares, smiles, and lewd comments I started getting from passing men in Levi 501s and plaid shirts told me I was doing it right. Art inspired me to dress like a whore and to become a cock-tease. Thanks Art!


DJ Hell Album “Zukunftsmusik featuring the art of TOM OF FINLAND. The single is a collaboration with the Tom Of Finland foundation, an organisation “dedicated to protecting and preserving erotic art and erotic arts education. ” My new song ‘I Want U’ centers on love between men,” DJ Hell says. Animation & Editing: Xaver Xylophon.


6 thoughts on “Cock-Teasers

  1. I like getting caught staring at bulges, it sends chills up and down my spine for men to know what I am or what I do, sometimes I get lucky.

  2. Nothing like the Elance bikini!Did you ever strip at parties—or at the Gaiety?

  3. I remember seeing him in turnmills after they had the new massive sound system installed. I think he played for 10hrs or something. I don’t remember that much about it, except feeling like the hi hats were going to slice my head off and the bass drum was causing trouble down below. Trade has a lot to answer for in my life lol

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