It will be a new experience for me, but exciting and thrilling. I can imagine myself being massaged and feeling the touch of the other person, but also feeling from inside the vibes that we both will be creating. For me it will be about body movements that are guided by the natural instincts. The physical aspects of the body: the texture of the hands, the warmth, skin contact… alongside the ‘silent’ communication between us: eye contact, heartbeats, smile… Put all this together, and this is how I would want my manhood massaged. I am excited to know what feelings it will bring! Source

Sounds interesting and totally up to learn everything about this with others. Open to lay back and enjoy ( I need it ) .. id love to give a massage as much as I’d like to receive, anybody wanting to teach ?


5 thoughts on “Imagine Myself

  1. I like my big thick cock to be stroked lightly at first while I try to bring out the back up from my balls. It can sometimes take all day to jack off and rub my dick with enough gentle and progressive pulls and squeezes that stimulates myself very much so. I have a sensitive penis with a big mushroom head. By the time it becomes time for me to cum, I feel the long strands of wet semen going up my urethra as I gently stroke myself, stop stroking to shoot usually two long strands of backed up ball cum

    1. I’m similar – love to be stroked lightly, then build up. Great pic btw. Love to massage you.

  2. well to start with I’d like to be delicately touched around the inner and outer thighs to get slightly aroused. then gently touch the penis as you pass your hands by. this should get the penis to a semi hard state. then get some oil and start strokin

  3. Currently I say I like to have it massaged in the usual way. But I would like to learn different techniques and how to build pleasure energy without just cumming being the focus.

    1. Liam I’m with you on that, a good start would be to take those sweaty shorts off and repost the real action! I like the sweat dripping but reckon it will be better lubing your junk without the shorts, amazing legs… and the rest…

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