Meanings of शिश्न in English, noun, big dick blessing. Gorgeous soft big cocks, and some amazing vintage hardons. Our August edition is a fucking blessing and features include 121 YEAR OLD BIG COCK PORN, big cocks in public, Big cock dadz and ladz, and an absolutely amazing wanker of the month.

27 Flaccid Cocks

20 thoughts on “शिश्न – Inches Magazine UK Aug. 2018

  1. Have you seen my Flickr account

  2. It’s cheating to claim to have a huge cock when you’re using a cock ring to enhance dick size/girth. With a cock ring my cock is much fatter and harder and the veins bulge….but that’s not how my erect cock usually looks.

    1. I’m 69 and don’t get as hard as I did years ago. Normal 5″ cut and I do like the sensation of tight stretchy silicone rings; on my cock and or balls. I like the feel of my hard swollen cock in my hand and the sensation of ejaculation with my balls bound by rings.

    1. I love making love with a man who has a beautiful big cock and balls and he likes to kiss me when he gets deep inside my pussy hole and I start screaming and scratching his back

    1. Ted I believe. You are Delish!! My name is Tom and I sincerely would love to lock cocks with you!!!

  3. nice magazine. gets my approval
    as i am not a hairy type i would never appear
    although how old do think i am in this pic?

    1. Hi Zac what a lovely body and kok u have wld love to meetup with u I’m Jimmy slim guy 57 5ft9 well hung 2 interested

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