Is Edging Bad for Men’s Sexual Health

A very interesting bloke called Matt has posted a video on YouTube explaining why prolonged periods of edging while wanking can be bad for your sexual health. He argues that the habit of edging causes desensitization in some men. His basic argument is that edging increases dopamine that feeds the brain’s pleasure centers and how those pleasure centers are bathed in dopamine for such a long time that they become desensitized to ordinary partner sex. 

i think he might be onto something and am wondering what is the optimal amount of time to spend masturbation before ejaculation. And what are the implications for lingam massage?

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One thought on “Is Edging Bad for Men’s Sexual Health

  1. It’s a matter of timing more than anything. If you can hold off from 30 minutes of constant stimulation, you can hold off indefinitely. But you should also be able to shoot quickly and take the edge off.

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