The Last Miners Documentary followed the workers at Kellingley Colliery in North Yorkshire, the last deep coal mine in Britain. Sheldon, Jonesy, Kev and Jack, shown in the BBC documentary, are enthusiastic about taking a shower with their mates, including washing each others’ cocks after a day down the mines.

These men are beautiful to watch. What a hard life! But they are so comfortable in their own skin, in their manhood, and naked with each other. Same feeling you get watching rugby players. Something about working men and their bodies that us middle class blokes have lost.


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11 thoughts on “The Last Miners


    Take your mind back – I don’t know when
    Sometime when it always seemed To be just us and them
    Girls that wore pink boys that wore blue
    Boys that always grew up better men
    Then me and you

    What’s a man now
    What’s a man mean
    Is he rough or is he rugged
    Is he cultural and clean
    Now it’s all change – it’s got to change more
    ‘Cause we think it’s getting better
    But nobody’s really sure

    And so it goes – go round again
    But now and then we wonder Who the real men are

    See the nice boys – dancing in pairs
    Golden earring golden tan
    Blow wave in their hair
    Sure they’re all straight – straight as a line
    All the gays are macho see the leather shine

    You don’t want to sound dumb – don’t want to offend
    So don’t call me a faggot
    Now unless you are a friend
    Then if your tall handsome and strong
    You can wear the uniform and I could play along

    And so it goes – go round again
    But now and then we wonder who the real men are

    Time to get scared – time to change plan
    Don’t know how to treat a lady
    Don’t know how to be a man

    Time to admit – what you call defeat
    ‘Cause there’s women running past you now
    And you just drag your feet

    Man makes a gun – Man goes to war
    Man can kill and man can drink
    And man can take a whore
    Kill all the blacks, kill all the reds
    If there’s war between the sexes
    Then they’ll be no people left

    And so it goes – go round again
    But now and then we wonder who the real men are

    [Real Men- Joe Jackson]

    STOP the Toxic War On Masculinity

  2. As an out androsexual man, I can honestly, and proudly say… I don’t understand this. To me it doesn’t compute how these men, who obviously have little to no boundaries with each other, don’t just start a big 20 ppl orgy right then and there. All the signals are there, all the lines have been crossed by about a lightyear… why not go all the way and spew cum over each other instead of body wash?
    The inherent, small minded ”feel sorry for me, I’m a victim”-voice in me wants to point out that historically these are the kind of roughneck blokes who would have lynched someone like me because what I am reveals all their darkest secrets.
    The other voice, the one I’ve chosen to listen to at all times, tells me that these men are everyday heroes, complex individuals, good men. We should all be so lucky as to find our place in the world, and the companionship within it that these men have.
    But as I said, I don’t understand. I don’t understand straight men. I don’t understand their restraint, or line of thinking. But I don’t have to understand. All I have to do is to surrender and admit ignorance, and just acknowledge the most important thing: They look happy.

  3. Wow! Those miners are pretty hot to watch. Anyone know of any porno movies that features miners? I’d love to watch it!

  4. PS Miners and rugby players and working men generally: A lot of it has to do with mateship, which is deeply physical, deeper than sex.

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